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I don’t know who to ask for help.

I don’t know who to ask for help.

When you just came back from the hospital with your newborn baby, your brain is foggy. You’re physically tired and everything feel so overwhelming. And that is so natural things to happen for new parents.

So it becomes very important that you have some external divice lined up for you. I am not talking about buying more gadgets. I am talking about organized lists. Here specifically a list of helpers that you can ask when you’re in a pinch, when you cannot think straight, or you cannot remember the last thing that you have done A minute ago.

I created a worksheet that you can list different helpers, so you do not have to remember them. It is called “4 helpers”. You can find and print out this worksheet by clicking here or go to ”help for new moms” in the worksheet section.

Here I want to explain how this for helpers is designed to help you. The first one is “the doers”. ”The doors” are the helpers who would do things for you such as chores around the house. The person who come in and under this categories are people who are really likes to do things around the house. For example my mother-in-law love to do the cleaning so when I just gave birth to my child she came around and did did the dishes for me for quite a while.

The second category of helper is “the giver”. “The giver” is a helper who loves to give you stuff. This can be somebody who loves to gift baby clothes, somebody would love to give you hand me down clothes, or give you the casserole.

The third category of helpers is “the listener”. The listener is a helper who will listen to you without the judgment or unsolicited advice giving. The listers will listen to you, your complaint, shock, and disappointments that can come with being a new parent. The parenthood is hard, especially the first year, with a lot of changes for your babies for your marriage and for your physical and emotional being. So having a listener who would listen to you unconditionally and without unsolicited advice will help you feel better and become well adjusted as a new parent.

Reaching for help.

The fourth category of helper is “the distractor”. “The distractor” is a person who will help you get distracted from being a parent. Sometimes you need your own time away from your baby even your baby is a newborn. So this distractor person would take you out out of the house and arrange a babysitter or volunteer for it, so that you can have your time all by yourself without worrying about your babies next feeding. This person would understand that now your needs are different as a parent and consider it the change when arranging your time to be you.

Who do you have in mind now knowing these four categories of helpers in your life?ake sure to let them know that the person what you appreciate about the person. Hopefully this worksheet will help you get through the tough first year of parenthood.

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