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Serving people with Colorado Medicaid insurance

Well before I decided to open my private practice office in 2014 in California, I knew I wanted to continue serving people who have Medicaid insurance. Yes, it is more paperwork than private pay clients. But the principle of providing mental health services regardless of ability to pay for it was very important piece for me. When I reopened my private practice in 2016 in Denver Colorado, I made sure I can take Medicaid insurance in Denver area.

Since then, I met many wonderful and caring and enthusiastic mental health providers who take Medicaid insurance. Khara Croswaite Brindle is a wonderful colleague whom I have an honor to meet. She has done so many things, with her thriving private practice, suicidal prevention program, supervision program, and being an author of "Perfectioneur". And now she is hosting an interview on Thursdays through Colorado Medicaid Mental Health Provider Facebook Group. She kindly invited me to be on the interview.

Here is the link to the video.

We talked about what is perinatal mental health means and what kind of service I provide.

Perinatal means the times period of pregnancy and one year after delivery of a baby, or welcoming a baby to a home. During this period, caregivers and parents, both female or male, go through unique and enormous changes that affect person physically, mentally, socially, all aspects of one's life, really. I have two kids. I had relatively easy pregnancy and little hiccup at delivery, which turned into emergency Cesarean section birth.

Yes, human has been having babies for centuries. Yes, not everyone has difficulty with pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. Yes, the medical progress made birth safer now.

And Yes, it is darn hard. It is messy. It put our physical and emotional strength at the test. It is grueling. It is not rosy fairly tail or glamorous all the time. It is not mean to be done by parents alone.

So I want to help new parents. I want to help parents to really remember their strengths and resources within them, although they feel like failure or bad parents because of new parenthood. Even in the middle of turmoil, they can get through this somehow. I want to help new parents to focus on what they want more of, instead of what they don't want, and creating it.

I hope people find it useful.

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