Helping parents to get back feeling like themselves

and enjoy new life with their baby.

My two experiences of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum with my two kids were rough and tough beyond my imagination.  It was nothing I expected.  Especially postpartum.  I felt depressed and trapped, and desperately wanted to get out.  Get out of the miserable feelings, get out of being a parent, get out of everything.  But with thoughts of "I am a therapist", I did not let myself get any help for little while, until my husband sat down with me and took my hand to start moving forward in my healing path.  By getting much needed professional help, I coped and moved forward.  Now, I cherish every moment with my kids, listening them laugh and watching their eye twinkle with joy and curiosity, which I never dreamed of experiencing when I was in the middle of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.

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When You Are Feeling Stuck, Therapy May Help You Find Ways.

Keiko Yoneyama-Sims, Solution Focused Therapist in Denver

Being a mom and a professional at the same time is difficult, especially when you want to do both well.  You provide so much for your baby and at your work and nothing is left but feeling guilty and unsure of your choices. Being a mom of two, I felt the same way too countless times. 


Let's turn this around. 


Being a dedicated professional while being a mom is doable.  I am honored to work with new parents all over Denver area to feel good to go to work and being a successful professional while you are being caring, loving, and happy mother.

I honor each family's needs and wants in building solutions which work with their situation.

As a marriage and family therapist, it is important that people are actually taking new steps that fit you and right for you and your family to make difference and create change in their life.  Feeling good at the end of the meeting is good, and it's even better is that continue feeling good about yourself and your choices in your real daily life long after therapy session ends.

In the meeting at Denver - Glendale office, we will;

  • focusing on what we have in hand now

  • working on concrete changes and solutions

  • recognizing your greatness, resources, and successes

  • focusing on what is working already even little bit

  • getting the control back in your life

  • remembering your confidence as a person

  • maintaining your autonomy


A Little About My Professional Background



I graduated from California State University, Bakersfield in 2006.  I worked for children and families at a community mental health clinic for 6 years.  I am certified Maternal Mental Health professional by Postpartum Support International and certified Solution Focused Brief Therapist by International Alliance of Solution-Focused Teaching Institutes.   I am a clinical member of American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist. 

After I re-established my professional career after getting better, first thing I did was to pursue the certification in Perinatal Mental Health Professional from Postpartum Support International.  After my experience with postpartum depression and anxiety and journey of getting on with my life again, I  wanted to learn more to help out other moms and dads.  In helping other moms and dads going through pregnancy, delivery, and parenthood, I wanted to understand the whole picture of what families go through in postpartum because every people's journey to parenthood is different and unique.  

Also, it was very important for me to understand roles of doctors, nurses, lactation practitioners, doulas and other professionals play in supporting new family. So I can be the best helper for new parents in working together with other professionals so that new parents benefit the most from us working together. 

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Take A Step Towards Becoming A Happier Parents and Partner

If you are interested in getting started with counseling,  I'm here for you.  I offer a free 15 minutes phone consultation where we can explore if we're a good match and you may ask me questions about my services too.  Then we can set up your first session.

Call/Text at 720-739-0668 for an appointment.