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When your feel defeated reaching your goal, try these questions before you decide to give up.

When you’re working hard to get to where you want to be maybe master some kind of skills making certain amount of sales or learning new language, you have a goal.

You create a clear goal that you want to reach. But sometime it’s gets hard to stay with it because you don’t see yourself there yet and looks so far away and you feel defeated. This is normal part of reaching your goal.

so before before you give it up, I want you to ask you the following questions.

On a scale 1 to 10, 10 being almost there at your goal and 1 being it is before you even thought of a goal or even before you decided to work toward a goal and start working on it. Where would you find yourself right now?

Maybe you’re close to zero maybe you’re close to 10 how far from 10 is not the focus here although that is our natural tendency to look what we are lucking.

The focus here is how far you came along from the starting point.

How come you are where you are and not lower on the scale?

What is happening that you are there now that fid not happen when you were lower on the scale?

What has helped you to get this high on the scale?

How are you preventing yourself from going down the hill?

Maybe you see yourself in different wayS by answering these questions. Hope you gain more courage or strength and find that you already have it in you to recheck.

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