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New year started!

For Christmas present, I got a kitchen knife, very sharp and super light weight. It cut hard stuff like chicken wings and carrots super easy and effortless.

While I was cooking dinner and enjoying how effortless I can cut food, I noticed how well I am cutting. I can dice a onion finer. I can slice meat thinner. It is as if I became super skilled chef all at the sudden.

and I similarity between having a super nice kitchen tool and doing well in life. How you feel about how well you are doing many times does not have anything to do with who you are.

My skill level did not change over night. My tool got upgrade. When I went back to my old tool, cutting was effort-ful and sloppy again.

And in life too, you are the same you. Depending on who you are surrounding yourself with, or what tool you are using, outcome changes. You feel different about yourself.

Are you surrounding yourself with nice tools and nice people?

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