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Looking beyond obstacles you’re facing right now and into the future.

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

When you’re in tough situation or facing the obstacles it’s easy to just think of what’s in front of your path. You might tell yourself “only if it is not there”, or “ I cannot do it because it’s there .”

Here, I want to challenge you to look beyond this obstacle you’re facing and imagine what you would learn or gain when you get through this obstacle.

What is it look like or feel like that tell you that you did it and you reached your goal?

What would you notice once you got through this tough time?

What do you learn about yourself that you actually went through it?

looking beyond obstacles

It is easy to lose focus when you face difficulties. And it it’s important to remind yourself where actually you are heading towards beyond difficulties you are facing. What you want to gain out of this experience.

I hope these questions helps you to remind your end goal and keep your focus.

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