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A princess with heavy eyes

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

A princess with heavy eyes

My dear friend and a mentor, Victor Nelson, once told me this story that he used to tell his grandchildren for naptime and night time sleep. And it worked wonderfully with my daughter who had a long time difficulty settling down at night. So I wanted to share the story of this princess with heavy eyes.

The keys to make this bed time story a success are

- to match princesse’s favorite activities with your child’s favorite activities or something that happened today.

- to repeat some important words, such as heavy eyes, heavy, relaxed

- to point out physical sensation, such as warm, heavy

- to slow down

- to enjoy telling story. In stead of desperately wishing your child to go to sleep, emerse yourself in the story. Yes, the ultimate purpose is for your child to go to sleep, and yet, if you just think of “go to bed, go to bed...” while telling the story, it most likely not work.

So here is how the story goes......

Once upon a time, and a far away land, there was a princess love to play outside and then be with friends all day. But at night the princess have to go to bed. And the princess didn’t like that idea at all because she didn’t want to miss any fun. She love playing hopscotch with friends the friend and princess loved playing with dolls. And she love drawing beautiful pictures. However at night our eyelid becomes so heavy and heavy this it’s so difficult for her to keep her eyes open. She noticed her eyes is getting smaller and smaller and close close to closing. She tried to keep it open but her eyes just keep closing and closing and closing And then also she noticed her our body is getting heavy and happy and heavy. Her arms is getting stale and relaxed and happy and warm. Her legs are so heavy and so relaxed and so warm andi’m relaxed. Her belly is so relaxed that she took deep breaths. in and out. And her head her hair is getting relaxed and still. And then when she closes her eyes finally she can see her nice nice friend and a happy time what happened before. She can see playing outside nice and quiet on the garage Boys Noize Kong win And she is having fun with her friends with monkey bar is in riding in the field. And then she comes then inside of the room and have a nice cold drink so she will calm down and relax for the day.

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