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Last Updated on May 22nd, 2019

  • Keiko Yoneyama-Sims

Matching socks and making changes happen

Do you like matching socks during doing laundry? Are you good at it?

I was doing laundry the last weekend, and I noticed that the process of matching socks and making changes happening are so similar. I want to tell you how they are similar.

When I fold laundry, I put socks a side to match them at the very end to make sure I have all there. With 4 people in the house, the pile looks confusing. The same white socks with different sizes, same black business socks, but one has little stitches and other is plain. Then I pick one by one and match them.

If I just glance at the pile and match them randomly, it becomes overwhelming task. I keep staring at them and nothing is matched. So in order to finish the task, what I do is to pick one closest to me or one looks stands out and just find the match for it one at a time. I do not think of "whose socks do I do first?" or "which socks is used more than others?" or "which one is more important than others?" because I want to get this done.

This same process can be applied to the situation when you try to make changes happen in our life.

When we decide to make our life better in some way, like a new year resolution, you may come up with a lot of things to do. These all looks so important to do them all. And you may be good at starting them all at once. Great. Keep doing!

If that does not work for you and that is not how you work the best, then, please read more.

Pick one from the list without further weighing which one is better one to start.

The reason why there is no need for further debate which you should do first, is that you already selected them based on what you think will make things better for you. So they all are relevant. They all are important.

So pick one that looks the most closest to you, one that is easiest to start.

You may be surprised that once you get one going and feel good about one change that you will soon start another one on your list without further deep thinking.