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Make sure to cheat.

I heard today that someone said "make sure to cheat". He was talking about tips to accomplish something really hard, ultra marathon.

I have not heard this sports until I moved to Colorado. It is apparently popular sports with many participants. For people like me who are not familiar what Ultra Marathon is, it is a marathon which distance is longer than 50 kilometer/31 miles up to 160 kilometer/100miles. Many are held in woods or nature, instead of in a city.

When heard the phrase "make sure to cheat", I thought it was a strange thing to say when you are training for such a tough sports. But it made sense when it was explained fully at the end.

When you are training for sports, or for work or having some hard time in life, it is very important to keep reminding you why you are doing it and also not to burn yourself out.

Having an easy day at training, taking a break during work day, having your feet up for 5 minutes, or eating chocolate, whatever "cheat" is for you, by "making sure to cheat", you are reminding yourself why you started it. Maybe it is your passion. Maybe it is your love for yourself or for others. Maybe it is money. Having time to step back and looking at purposes and reasons you started it is so important, especially when things gets tough.

Also "making sure to cheat" will prevent burn out. Yes what you are doing is important. And you want to make sure you will achieve your goal. The most important point is to get to the finish line. Not push yourself to limit too hard and too much that you quite and not getting to the finish line.

So remind yourself; Make sure to cheat!

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