Perinatal Counseling in Denver

Helping parents to becoming parents they are proud to be.

Creating ways to enjoy professional career and family.


Motherhood and parenting can be joyous and rewarding life event.  However, it is hard physically and emotionally to be a parents at times.

There is no need to blame yourself.  You can make changes in your parenting and relationship with your partner without blame or shame.

Let's find out what works for you and what is helpful for your family, so that you will get your smile back on your face and feeling of joy with your children.

Help for New Parents

​Bringing a baby home can be a big change for a whole family.  If you are struggling with communication and relationship with loved one, counseling may help you to get back loving and fun relationship.
Through individual therapy or couple/family therapy, you will gain new perspectives and will find ways to tackle parenting with energy and confidence.

New Parents

Support Group

Looking for support and guidance in the first year of parenthood?  This 6 weeks support group maybe for you.  You will have clear idea of what parenting style fit you and be a parent you want to be.


Being pregnant and raising a little one take a lot of brain power from you.  Research proves that "mommy brain" actually exist. 
With these worksheet, you can forget. You can just post it on kitchen wall, the refrigerator, or the bathroom mirror, so you can look up when needed.