Fourth Trimester
New Parent Support Group

Being a new parent can be overwhelming and isolating because of many demands from taking care of your new-born baby, physical and mental recovery from pregnancy and delivery, to adjusting to new role as a parent.  This support group provides safe and supportive environment to share your story and connect with other parents.  The group focuses on common issues with the postpartum period,  parenthood, and the unique difficulties that each parent goes through.


This group is a 6-week series for parents with children under one year old to learn and to grow as a parent.

It is usually starts on the second Thursday of the following months.




Fee; $20 per one group meeting


$100 for 6 meetings pay up front


Topics we cover


postpartum depression and anxiety

adjusting to parenthood

cooperating with other family member in care of child

communication with health care professionals


understanding child development

infant play exercises

and more




to learn the warning signs of depression and anxiety

to learn coping skills and self-care techniques

to practice improving communication with families, and friends

to learn different ways to interact with their infant



Emotional Self-Care for moms

Duration: 1 hour


Fee: free


During parenthood, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself.  You end up feeling drained, irritable, and not the parent you want to be.  To avoid getting there, it is important to take time to nurture yourself, be kind to yourself, and to plan ahead.   Self-compassion is an important part of taking care of yourself by being kind to yourself. 


In this workshop, you will develop your own self-care plan along with learning exercises to increase self-compassion. 



Getting Ready for After The Big Day

Duration: 1 hour


Fee: free

Birth of a baby will bring many changes in your life and your relationships.  You take birth classes in order to get ready physically for your birth.  Why not prepare for your emotional well being and relationship.  This workshop will cover important information what to expect in emotional changes and possible relationship changes after birth and first few months after bringing baby home.


In this workshop, you will review and get ready for any changes in your life, your relationship with family and friends and your identity for life with your baby.