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Time to go-go-go, time to stay still

In today’s society, things go fast. We are programmed to be on the go.

Media focus on someone doing something big. Faster service. Instant access. 1-minute date meeting etc....

And raising a person is not that way. Quite opposite.

We can not “fast track”, “insta-grow” our babies or relationship we have with them.

Babies gets to have some kind of unique rhythm of a day on their own time. Babies start babbling and cooing on their own time. They get interested in walking or potty trained on their time.

Yes we, as a parent, can provide an environment to foster babies development and can enrich the environment. We look into their eyes and smile at them. We talk to them. We read to them. We pick them up high enough for their feet touching the floor pretend they are walking.

But ultimately, it is all up to baby’s time.

So as parents, there will be a lot of waiting and patience. Not much progress we see. Not a lot of movement or changes. And we sometimes forget to “stay still” till we, baby, or time is ready.

As researches again and again come to conclusion that mom’s body takes at least one year to heal from pregnancies and delivery. Healing mentally and physically. One year.

So far, there is no “cure fast” or “insta—recovery“ found. There are many ways to enhance this one year of healing process. Many things and activities to help you heal Are out there. But please do not take it as “fast the process”.

So my questions to you are....

How would you access patience in you when needed?
What would help you to keep patience or possibly to grow patience?
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