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The words to keep in your pocket at all time along with your cell phone.

For once minute, let’s think about the words and phrases that helped you to get through hard times in the past. The words that encouraged you to keep going at it. The words that made you feel better to get some much-needed-rest. Or words that helped you feel that you can at least put one more step in front of another.

Maybe you read somewhere.

Maybe someone told you.

Maybe you just came up with it.

I want you to keep the words close to you like you have your cell phone reachable at all times.

Maybe sticky note on computer screen.

Maybe create a home screen with that words on cell phone.

Maybe a note on fridge/coffee maker/ bathroom mirror.

Because everybody needs that kind of words time to time. Frankly things can get hard in life. And remembering these words at time of struggle is a refreshing breather.

For me, it is “I am enough” “I’m doing the best I can”. I heard for the first time (I can recall) that words from my high school teacher when I had failed all college entrance exams and I had nowhere to go for further study at the end of the high school years. These words show up again and again in my life from different people to remind me these.

So one day, I decided to have it written down on sticky note. It is on my computer.

And it is comforting and energizing at the same time. It ease my nerve and worried mind.

So what is yours? Where would you put it? What difference would little few words make for you, your day or your interaction with others?

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