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Podcast Appearance on SF on Tour

After couple years of learning and practicing Solution Focused conversation with children, adolescents, and their parents or caregivers, I started to think "hummm, I feel like this might work with Postpartum women". Since I started my private practice in 2014 first in Bakersfield, California, and then in Denver, Colorado, I started to see more and more women in Postpartum. I started to see that these Solution Focused assumptions and tools are as effective as other traditional therapy modalities in treating depression, anxiety, adjustment concerns, and relationship issue during postpartum. So for the last good 6 years, I am thinking about how to better serve and help women in Postpartum and putting them in action.

Then, I happened to know Elfie and Dominic from Switzerland through Facebook Solution Focused Approach group. They were in the middle of their great endeavor of traveling across North America in a camper van with their then 2 year old daughter. As a mom, I was completely gravitated with their journey.

How do they do that?

One rather small camper van. Two working parents. One daughter. Ways away from their home country, family and friends. On the move pretty much every day. I was blown away. I was following their journey on Facebook. To be honest, I was jealous and envious too. I love traveling. I was "I wish I could do that..."

Then, I noticed that they took a picture of them in front of Colorado Spring sign. I immediately contacted them and asked if they are coming to Denver any time soon. I think I never had talked to them on Facebook until then. But my curiosity and amazement won my shyness. They gracefully stopped by in Denver. We met at a local coffee shop in Denver. We had coffee and snack, had our kids play together, and had long chat as if this was not the first meeting. From introvert perspective, it was strange to feel that way. We talked about being parents, learning and practicing Solution Focused Approach, about kids, about traveling. I was so amazed about their stories, and their amazing humanity. They still tease me about it, but I totally forgot that day was my birthday. I was totally thrilled to meet these wonderful people and still couple years later, I can still remember vividly how excited I was for the rest of the day that day after we said good bye.

And few months later, Elfie invited me to their podcast on Solution Focused Approach, my book club, and my work with postpartum women. I was floored and honored. I never have done it. But something within me said, "Do it. It will be fun because it is Elfie and Dominik". And it was. It was inspiring, fun, and so moving even though I was the one who was interviewed. Their Solution Focused perspective and Solution Focused being are so contagious. I really wish them many many years of success with SF on Tour.

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