• Keiko Yoneyama-Sims

Maybe better than new year resolution...?

The year 2019 is ending and many are thinking of how 2020 will turn out.

New year brings new aspiration and new motivation to achieve something new, or old one that you did not completely achieve.

How about ”giving permission to yourself” in year 2020 in stead of “getting myself to do ...”?

What are you afraid to give yourself permission to do, but maybe good for you to do? Like giving yourself 10 minutes of reading or listening to music all by yourself everyday? maybe letting yourself off the hook from making complete dinner here and there? Maybe letting your partner take over parenting duty once a while?

We, parents, do a lot. And we do them for others most of the time. And it often pushed out time for ourself.

How about this coming year, allowing yourself to bring them back a little?

How would that be like for you?

What difference would it make for you?

When your kids see you giving permission to do something you enjoy, what would your kids learn from you doing that?


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