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Learning to dance with different tune

Learn New steps when the music changes

When the baby joined the family, regardless if this is a first time or for the third time, all the family members need to adjust entire relationship with everyone in the family, not with the new baby.

It is like learning entirely new type of dance when the music changes. Basic fundamental skills of dancing like listening to music and count the rhythm may be the same. But when you are master one dance form and then you are put to learn completely new dance, I bet there will be a learning curve that your experience. Frustrating moments that you understand the move but your body is not moving as you wish it moves. it can be really hard because you were a really good at in one kind of dance form already.

Becoming a parent and getting used to being a parent is the kind of same thing.

You know how to communicate. You know how to manage time efficiently. You know how to get things done. From your work experience and from your life experience. You learned all that and you are good at them.

However, when a baby join your life, you do them in a different intensity and different level of complexity. And sometime, more time than not, the timing of learning curve are different among couple.

So just because you feel overwhelmed to manage everyday with your baby, it doesn’t mean that everything had to go out the window and you are at the square one.

You are worthy You have talent, skills, wisdom, and resources. Maybe they are hard to see right now. But you still have them.

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