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Going back to the basics.

In trying time like now with Covid-19, social distancing, and many cities and states in lock down, our live can become quite chaotic and overwhelming quickly with home schooling, job issues, and schedule changes.

This tough situation can last for few more month. With kids all at home 24/7, we, parents, have to make sure to take care of ourselves so we can be there for kids.

So like we did during the postpartum, we need to make sure we are nourishing ourselves. The following list has some suggestions.

Important thing here is to do what works for you. What worked for you before to get yourself out of funk or keep your energy replenished and going?

Eat healthy meal and snack and avoid super processed carb loaded snacks

Drink plenty of water

Taking shower

Laugh, watching comedy, tickling with kids

Change into regular clothes from PJs

Limiting exposure to scary or negative or scarcity minded information

Have some “alone time” for yourself

Talk to yourself with kind words of acknowledgment and encouragement of your effort and your existence

Count what you have done today that you are pleased about

Having a moment to be present by doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or noticing practice

Getting fresh air and sun shine

Watch puppies and kittens videos

Connecting with people who are important to you

Knowing what to do sometime is easy part. Actually putting them in action can be tough. So in the past what worked for you to actually do “self-care” in tough time?

How did you decide to say “it is time for me to take time for ....?”

Maybe it was putting reminder in your phone . Maybe it was sticky note on the mirror. Maybe it was regular phone call with your friends to do some self-care together. Again, it is important to stick with what worked for you before in similar situation?

I hope these questions and ideas become useful for you to get through this unprecedented stressful time.

We are all in this together. We can get through this together. You have what it takes within you.

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