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Turning any situation to your advantage.

Few years ago, I read that walking is product of controlled falling in some article talking about babies learning to walk. It explained that a leg moves forward to stop a body from falling and that is how walking works.  And babies just relentlessly practice falling and catching themselves and learn to walk eventually. 

I related that story to bad life events happen to people. Bad things happen to anyone.  It hurts and surprises us. It would be nice if it did not happen.  But it does. 

We have choice then. 

Do we stumble and fall and stay there?  Or Do we stumble and move one leg forward?  

It depends on what you want for yourself in your life.  You have choice to create your life by choosing reactions. 

Some choose to stay where they fell in order to regain strength to get up. Some chooses to stay because that is only way they know to do when they stumble. 

There is always some reason why you choose the reaction you choose.  And getting to know that often help you choose more purposefully the next time. 

Paying attention to the reason behind your choice may free you from choosing the reaction mindlessly and not being happy with it. 

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