• Keiko Yoneyama-Sims

Picking some seeds

Yesterday, my kids and I were getting ready for the first snow for the season in Denver and I decided to pick seeds from morning glory garden. It losts its flower and some seeds were brown and ready to pick. 

And as I was picking them, I noticed it is like mastering new perspective and new skills or completing tasks. 

So our morning glory garden is covering one side of our fence. I went through picking them diligently. At least I thought I did diligently. But as I was walking back to the coner where I started, I noticed there are lot more than I saw during the first go. So I went over that garden few more times while enjoying time with my kids chatting away.

I thought it was a good reminder that you do not have to get them all at once. Just go your own pace without any pressure over and over again.  I think it is better way to complete the task or master some skills or perspective. (And I think a perspective is a skill as well not some genetic condition you cannot change) because you have less pressure to make it perfect the first time, which leads to more fun while you are doing it. And another reason, I thought, is that you get more out of it when there is no pressure or not listening to our inner critical voice. 

Just keep moving on your own pace and if needed revisit as many time you like. No pressure. 


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