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What would you do if today was the last day on earth.

This blog post talks about loss and valuing your life while still alive.  

I had loss of my close friends lately. Very close in relationship and in age. It was sudden and I can describe it as a sheer shock, but it was more than just a shock. 

When I lost my parents decades ago, I felt like it was a train reck and I was lost for quite a while. No feeling, no thinking. Few years after their passing, I got out with some helpful perspective like importance of relationship, acceptance and forgivness. 

After friends' passing this time, this following thoughts were just stuck in my mind. "What would you do if today was your last day on Earth?", "What woud I regret?"

We do a lot of things daily what we don't feel like doing, what we hate doing, or what we don't see importance in.  And we put off some that we are actually love to do, and what we are excited about because of things we have to do. 

I can certanly say yes. I do things that I don’t like or see the importance in it but I do it anyway. Sometime for my own good and sometime to please others. Since the recent losses, I decided to go ahead and stop these activities that it was only just to please others (or at least I thought It would please others) and I do not like doing. One xpample is waiting to go to bathroom until other stop talking. 

It was scary at first. But I looked around and I realised that not much has changed. Not one person said “what’s up with you. You are rude” to my face so far. 

Is there anyway to incorporate what you love to do and shed away what you hate to do or do not like to do?  

Start with something not so important to test how it goes. 

Maybe you don’t like your job at all and want to quit. Job for a lot of people is very important to live, to stay together as a family, even though you are not particulary like your job.  It maybe is not your dream job.  So it will be a lot to just quit.  But what would it be that you can do today that takes you little bit closer to the day you maybe able to quit your job?  

So look for not so important one first to practice. Like stopping subscription of a magazine, take a break from group or group, or discard old dinner plates that you are not so found of. Or like my situation interrup my kid’s talking and go to bathroom. 

Stop doing what you don't like will make room for what you like.  Your life is precious. You are precious. Please use it wisely! 

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