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Looking past through what is bugging you now.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Patch Adam.  It is now classic I think. But it is just inspiring and encouraging story about how Patch turned his life around.  I was fortunate to see him twice, once at a conference listening his keynote speech and another time on the street in Denver on the way to lunch. 

One scene that keeps coming back to my mind is when another patient at a psychiatric hospital he stayed keep asking "how many fingers do you see?!?!" Holding up three fingers in front of Patch. Patch answers "three" and the patient sayd "No! No! No!"  And he says something like people are not really looking. 

We are not really looking. 

I think it is speaking the truth when we find outselves in troublesome stressful situation. We become like that when we are in stressful situation.  We loose focus.We becomes so focuse on the problem, issues, hardship, or other people that is bugging us.  We look at the things that is bugging us so much, it consumes our time and energy sometimes. And many times, you have very little or no control over it. It happens commonly and nothing wrong with it as long as you get out of it.  

If you find yourself stuck in this way of looking and want to change it, here are 3 questions I recommend you to answer to get your focus back.   

These questions are intended to bring back the bigger picture into focus, broaden your view, and make the vision of your goal into clear doable little steps into the right direction. 

1 - How would you want to be instead of beig bothered by current issue or problem?  What would you like it to be when the issue maybe still there but you are okay?

2 - Which part of your answer happening already?  Maybe not completely exactly how you want it to be, but something similar or tiny oart of it?

3 - What will be one tiny tiny thing that you will do or stop doing by tomorow, that is helpful for you to get inch closer to where you want to be, what you have described in question #1?

Hopefully these question opened up some new perspective!

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