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Continuing learning

Every summer, I am excited to attend a week long Solution Focused Approach training. It is great opportunity to horn my skill to be effective in helping people I see. Since it is a week long training, it is much more intensive than just one day training I attend throughout a year.

This year is third year I attend the training at Denver Center for Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Today is the first day where we review the foundation of Solution Focus Approach. It is simple and very pragmatic approach and yet every year, I learn something new and more in depth.

This approach and the process of learning this approach truly remind me of time when I learned to play piano and learned to speak English. First I learned the basic and fundamental. Scales, how to read music notes, basic grammar, vocabulary. Then I have to use it and practice it constantly in order to make it natural and more effective. Like playing a piece of music and having a conversation in English. Like that, I keep learning basic philosophy of Solution Focused approach and practice in person how to carry on the session. And I apply it in any conversation. I learned to be flexible in applying the fundamental and basics.

It is very humbling experience to go back to bare basics. It makes it much visible about how extra ordinary people are in making changes happen.

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