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Pregnancy surely is joyous life event.  However, couples can face tough situations and unexpected traumas. Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety are common and happen to mothers and fathers indiscriminately.  It is not your fault.  

Wouldn't it be great when you enjoy time with your baby and your family whole heatedly?  What would be like when you are sure of yourself and confident about your choices you make for yourself and your baby?

Through Prenatal and Postpartum Counseling, expecting couples and new parents will find solutions and relief from depression and anxiety to make this spectacular life event positive and meaningful. 

The investment is $120 per 50 minutes session. Some insurances are accepted. 

Please call and ask for more detail at 720-739-0668.

Postpartum Therapy in Denver
Individual Counseling

When you have tried many different therapies for depression or anxiety or for life changes, and still struggling with these feelings and situation, experiencing therapy with different focus might be they key.  Our talk is based on philosophy and technique of Solution Focused Approach.  You will find more detail information here.

When you are in tough situation, it is common that you lose sight of your resources, strength, and wonderful qualities of you.  They are still there.  Even though you are in difficult situation or suffering from depression or anxiety, your wonderful you are still there within you.  Our talks is all encompassing toward finding the authentic you and creating life where the authentic yourself thrive.  Not other way around to fit yourself to the life being thrown at you or other people defined for you. 

During the therapy session, your goal of being happy, bring peace, getting control back, or whatever it might be is the front and the center of our talk.  Using a white board, we will take a look at your goal in detail, such as

  • how your relationship with people important in your life different

  • how you will be talking, laughing, eating, working different

  • how your outlook of your life different


Then, we will find your resource within and out, so that you will find you are well equipped to change your life for your liking.  We will talk about what is going well even slightly in midst of troubling time. 

Unlike traditional therapy, my approach does not require you to commit to certain number of sessions.  You are the agent of choice and change.  At the end of every session, you will decide to come back, wait for while to decide, or not come back. 

Confident Woman

Because your goal is the front and centered, I do not believe in doing the following more traditional therapy style talk, such as

  • talking about your past negative event, even though it is hard to talk about

  • finding out why these negative events happened to you

  • finding out who's at fault for these situations

  • talking about how your childhood was to find out how much damaged you suffered

The investment is $120 per 50 minutes session. Some insurances are accepted. 

Please ask for more detail.

If you are interested in giving this type of therapy a try, give me a call at 720-739-0668 or click book online button above.

Counseling for inter-racial marriage. Embrace differences.